High Desert Cider Co.
Your local Yakima Valley Cidery

We create unique high quality ciders that support
local farmers and challenge the norms of cider pallets.

The Crew


Nick Schram

Nick has been brewing beer, cider, mead, and fruit wines for 10 years. He has well rounded experience in production and apple varieties.


Ben Record

Ben has over 7 years of experience in sales, management, marketing, and business development.

At High Desert Cider Co.

we strive to be different. We want to be the most creative, innovative, and unique cider operation that the world has seen.

This stems from the field all the way to your glass. We start by realizing potential in apples that have been thought to have none.

Modern apple varieties require pollinizing trees to bear fruit that ends up at the grocery store. These pollinizers typically are heirloom or crab apple varieties of apples. These varieties are not suited for fresh consumption, but some of these varieties make great cider apples. We are capitalizing on these varieties of apples for a couple of distinct reasons.

First, it allows us to have a unique and sustainable way to source apples that set us apart from other cider makers.

Second, it allows us to help farmers and farm workers with money that was not previously there. Now that we have apples, let’s get a little creative.

Our creativity knows no bounds; we want to push the boundaries of cider to the furthest limits. Will all of our flavors be successful?
Will they push the envelope and intrigue your interest?
We sure hope so.